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Selfies. Baby Pictures. Buzz Feed articles about which Disney character you’re likely to be if you turned into a cartoon. For many, social media can seem overwhelming and even self-centered. For business owners, it can feel like one more task on an already overflowing “to do” list, but there’s hope!

When used well, social media is an incredible way to genuinely connect with your clients to help them achieve their goals.

3 Ways to Authentically Connect with Your Ideal Clients:

  1. Post with Your Ideal Client in Mind: social media for business isn’t about you; it’s about them. Who’s your ideal client? What excites him/her? What are their biggest pain points and how can you help them reach their goals? Photos, videos, and blog posts that inspire and encourage them to take action, while inviting them to join you in the journey are a fantastic way to engage.
  2. Social Media is Social for a Reason: People would not be on social media if they were not open to connect with new people, so don’t be shy about reaching out to someone new via Facebook, Twitter, or other networks. Start with something you genuinely appreciate about him/her or the organization. Maybe you liked a post they wrote or a photo they shared. Let them know, and they will almost always respond and reciprocate.
  3. Quality Over Quantity: Posting a million times a day is not the answer. Consistency and high quality are much more important. The amount of posting varies based on network and ideal client, but in general, daily posting is preferable and captivating photos, short videos, and quotes that provide high quality content receive more engagement.

When in doubt, remember there’s a person behind the smart phone or the computer. I think of social media as a handshake, the newsletter as a cup of coffee. Be true to who you are and have a conversation with your ideal client. To learn more about creating genuine connections, drop me a line.

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