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The Graveyard of Dreams

There is only one thing in this life that is for sure (besides taxes) - death. We all do it. It beats me why this is never in Vogue when it is something we’re all forced to be into (so to speak). Consider, then, with this constant on the back of our minds, why do […]

Talk Less. Do More.

Quick disclaimer: I wrote this note back in December of 2016. It was a call to action for us to talk less and do more. For years I have been talking about wanting to do a blog, but never put the effort into doing so.  Needless to say we are now entering a new decade […]

Top 10 Favorite Dog Memes

This isn’t going to be inspirational. It has nothing to do with design (or life for that matter). It’s part of my obsession. With dogs. Dog memes to be specific. Dogs have so much  character that closely matches that of humans. Cats just look like they want to kill you half the time (sorry cat […]

Life Without Fear of Decisions

It's been a while. How are you? Take a seat. Any seat. Great. Now what makes you want to sit there over any place else? Was there something about this particular seat that made you want to sit down? Or did you have the intention to sit, found an available seat, and sat down? Doesn't matter. […]

From Passion to Business: What is my Passion?

Ask yourself this: What is my passion? Is my passion real? Are my intentions in line with my end goal? If you had asked me those questions, I would have said yes.

3 Ways to Connect via Social Media

Selfies. Baby Pictures. Buzz Feed articles about which Disney character you’re likely to be if you turned into a cartoon. For many, social media can seem overwhelming and even self-centered. For business owners, it can feel like one more task on an already overflowing “to do” list, but there’s hope!

From Passion to Business: An Introduction

Most of adolescence was spent building my own version of an online network (think Yahoo or MSN in the 90s). I wanted to build websites that would share all kinds of information from video games to movie reviews—even an advice column.

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