Your idea never looked so good.

What makes us different? We don’t design for us. We design for your audience. Brands and websites should tell a story that matters to people. One that has not been heard before. Let us show you how our design can help you scale.


Who is your audience and what makes them tick? We believe your audience should understand what you are about and what sets you apart within 10 seconds of experiencing your website or identity.


How can we establish rapport and provide value to your audience? We craft experiences that inform and delight, rather than bombard them with “fluff.” We tell stories that matter.


How can we turn a visitor into a customer? We help design an experience that will engage and provide value to your user base, so that they are happy and ready to buy.

Say goodbye to the “yes” agency.

Yes is not always best. A typical agency would do what is asked without thought to what’s right for your clients, website, and brand. We believe results come from open communication and collaboration to create out-of-the-box solutions.

An engaged & transparent process.


We study the market and your competitors to best position your business. We ask questions and listen carefully. Your needs are recorded in a central notebook that you can access and edit.


We create the foundational design elements of your project, so that you get a taste for its look and feel. We then work with you to polish and develop a design that sings.


We test different screen sizes and applications to make sure the experience is consistent and creates the “wow” factor that we’ve intended. This is where we often arrive at improved solutions.

We're listening. How can we help?

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Elfatrany Design is a boutique design agency based in North Carolina. We specialize in branding and identity, web design and development, as well as print and digital publishing. Our prerogative is to help business owners remain relevant in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
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