From Passion to Business: An Introduction

posted on: 03/23/2013

Most of adolescence was spent building my own version of an online network (think Yahoo or MSN in the 90s). I wanted to build websites that would share all kinds of information from video games to movie reviews—even an advice column.

You read that right. An advice column.

Disclaimer: Below are actual screenshots of the network I created 14 years ago. What you are about to see cannot be unseen.

I know what you're thinkingand yesI agree. It's gorgeous.

I called it the SBCNetwork. It was going to be the future of the Internet. Parts of the site have been archived via The Wayback Machine. I visit from time to time for a good laugh.

Looking back, I regret nothing—not even the problematic design choices or obvious typos. It was then that I realized that I had a passion that was waiting to be fleshed out in its entirety.

This kind of passion is persistent in nagging you. It knocks on your door each and everyday. During your commute, while you work, even on the weekends when you're having fun and hanging out with your friends. You can manage to ignore it and go on with your life, but it will forever be in you unless you find the right way to channel it.

To be clear, passion can come in many forms. In this instance, I am speaking to those who are entrepreneurial at heart. Those who won't settle for the mundane. Those who feel the need to disrupt the status quo because one size does not fit all. They are logical and strategic in their decisions and know that one day they will end up working for themselves.

I am not a writer, author, or selling you a course. I am like you, someone who felt the urge to one day leave his day job, pursue his passion, and turn it into a profitable business.

In this blog series, I will be sharing insights and experiences in an effort to connect with like-minded individuals who share the same passion.

Join me on this journey to transition from the 9 to 5 into the world of entrepreneurship. It's time to take a risk that you won't regret. The end result may be challenging, but it can also be great. You’ll never know unless you try. It's time to turn your passion into a business.

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