Talk Less. Do More.

posted on: 01/12/2020
Quick disclaimer: I wrote this note back in December of 2016. It was a call to action for us to talk less and do more. For years I have been talking about wanting to do a blog, but never put the effort into doing so. 

Needless to say we are now entering a new decade and I never shared this. A clear indication that I continued to talk to talk, but refused to walk the walk. Why? Because it was too hard.

The thought of doing something consistently that is out of my comfort zone. Something that requires more resources out of me than I am comfortable giving. Something that will likely leave me frustrated time and time again. The saying ‘no pain, no gain’ applies here greatly. I was not willing to deal with it.

Why is that? Why are we willing to receive things we did not earn, but refuse the things that challenge us? Have we become such creatures of comfort that the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to pushing oneself? What ever happened to your best is good enough?

When it comes to your dreams the time is always now. If you’re talking about it, and it's doable then why not do it? Are you waiting for your situation to be more favorable? Are you hoping someone will do the heavy lifting and show you the way? Are you looking to be trained and become an expert in the field first? Stop.

What we need is in us now. The drive, the grace, and persistence. Perfection is an unattainable goal we strive for. Perfection is what holds us back from wanting to do good, or do anything at all. Forget perfection. Who needs it anyway.

God bless today and always 🙂



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